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Support in difficult times

You are hopeless, sad or feeling even depressive? You suffer from an anxiety disorder or panic attacks? Maybe you feel you have to change a few things in your life. But you don’t know what to change and where to begin. Do you think you don’t have the strength to move on?

I can help you to stopping the downward spiral. Problems and crises are part of our life. As Heilpraktikerin for psychotherapy (practice in Unterschleissheim) I help you to find your personnel strength to overcome those times more easily.

  • Stress and psychological overload
    Separation, movement, losing your job – quite often changes are awkward. The question comes up “What will be? Can I manage it? What will happen if anything went wrong?”
    If you find your personal strength and power resources you can lose the fear of change. You get to know how much power you have deep inside and you trust yourself.
  • Depressive Mood
    You feel empty and sad? You can’t have fun anymore? Your thoughts are going around in circles all the time?
    Maybe you even have physical symptoms as well like a headache, sleeping disorders, loss of appetite.
    A check at your doctor proved you are physically healthy but you don’t feel healthy at all?
    In our in-depth discussion * we find the trigger for these feelings and the way out of the downward spiral.
  • Anxiety disorder and Phobia
    For example fear of little animals, doctor consultations, travelling, speaking in public.
    Fear is a very important feeling. It  is a warning signal and prevents people from harm or accident. If the fear got to strong and is no longer rational, and is influencing your life heavily, you should do something about it. Psychotherapy, especially behavior therapy is a very good way to keep phobias under control.
  • Panic Attacks, Panic Disorder
    Waking up at night, the heart is beating like a jungle drum, the pulse is rushing and rushing and a sudden surge of overwhelming fear starts…..
    If you experience the following symptoms you might have a panic disorder: tachycardia, heart-throb, sweating, trembling, feeling a pressure or tightness in your breast, fear to lose control or to faint. In most cases it helps to find the trigger for the disorder, to understand what’s going on in the body and learning psychotherapeutic relaxation techniques.
    Find out more about Panic Attacks…click here
  • Losing a beloved one
    because of separation, divorce, illness or death. Our reaction when we lose a beloved person varies immensely. To judge a reaction as right or wrong doesn’t help. Each person has to cope with it in an individual way. Very often a sympathetic conversation brings a lot of relief. Working through the mourning process means to go through four stages: acknowledge and acceptance, bursting feelings, separation and finally the stage of a new beginning.
  • Physical psychosomatic) disorder without any clinical evidence *
    Headache, stomachache and back pains are the most common disorders why people consult a doctor, besides tiredness, dizziness, shortness of breath and sleeping disorders. And they are the most common disorders where no physical reason can be found. Especially then psychological and physical aspects have to be considered.
  • Stress and Burnout
    In the office or at home – we are constantly “in action”. Even in our spare time we never calm down. We “need to” do excercise excessively, like bungee jumping, house climbing, river rafting. And, of course, we need to be available/reachable all the time. There is no real time out, simply doing nothing. And then the feeling of being empty and burn out, having no more energy comes up.

Do you recognize yourself in these sentences? Then it is high time to act! I would like to work together with you on:

What are you able to change, what should you let go.

Where are your energy thieves hiding and where do we find your energy resources.

What could you do to find the right work-life balance?

Job and Career Coaching

You aren’t happy with your job anymore? You would like to do something completely different? This isn’t easy sometimes. You need to know what‘s your potential and what you have to do to unfold your full potential and be successful.

How much of a career is good for you and where is the point it’s getting „unhealthy“?

Maybe you are too successful already, you are stressed out and you move right on to get a burnout syndrome?

We can work together on the next steps in your career plan and find the right work-life balance.

For managers I offer a very easy and extremely effective way of encouraging your staff called “situational leadership”. You’ll be excited how good it works!

Menopause Consulting

This is the longest period of development in the life of each woman. It can be a very tough and challenging time. But it doesn’t have to be!

Don’t be afraid of the „dance of the hormones“. Physical problems like hot flushes or mood swings can be treated very well. On a personal level this time could bring a restart und therefore it could be a very exciting and liberating time for you.

As Wechseljahreberaterin (Menopause Consultant) I can accompany you during this time of changes. We talk about:

  • First signs – Am I in already? Is this the beginning of the menopause?
  • How long the menopause lasts and what are the changes in our body
  • The most important hormones and their function in our body.  Things to keep an eye on during this period, like a balanced diet, suitable exercie program, relaxation exercise.
  • The most „common“ problems: hot flushes, sleep disorders, mood swings… do all woman get these?
    What can we do against it?*
  • Problems with partnership and sexuality
  • To feel as a fully-fledged woman, without menstrual period and with all the changes in your body.
  • How could we handle all the stress factors we have to face in the age of  +/- 50 , like losing our parents, problems with our kids, unemployment,  partnership problems, serious illness
  • And the most important point – to find the individual change/wellness program and for yourself.

*My counseling can not replace medical advice and is neither sufficient nor appropriate to treat medical conditions.

Angelika Lerm, Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy and Certified Menopause Instructor, Job & Career Coach, Hypnosis Therapist

You’ll find my practice in Unterschleissheim near Munic. My clients come from Unterschleissheim, Oberschleissheim, Eching, Neufahrn, Garching, Dachau, Karlsfeld and Freising.

Please call or write for an appointment. Appointments are possible also at evening hours or weekends.

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